Top 5 Chef Coats

After reading “How To Choose The Right Chef Coat” you’ll realize that there are several different aspects to consider when purchasing a chef coat.  I know that it can be extremely overwhelming, so I’ve compiled a list of my recommendations of the best chef coats below.

1) White Swan Five Star Chef Apparel Unisex Executive Chef Coat

This chef coat is a poly-cotton blend that also has a soil resistant layer which comes in extremely handy! The black buttons, trim around the neck and cuffs adds sophistication to this jacket so that when your asked to come out to the table due to your amazing dish you’ll look just as good as your food!

2) Five Star Chef Apparel Unisex Short Sleeve Chef Jacket

Whether you are looking for a white or black short sleeve chef coat, this Five Star chef jacket is perfect.  The short sleeve style allows  you to stay cool while in the hot kitchen, while the 8-button front gives you some flare.  It’s also a great price!

3) ChefUniforms Unisex Short Sleeve Coat

This is one of my favorite chef coats due to the fact that it offers contrasting colors and is 3/4 sleeve–the best of both worlds! ChefUniforms is a very reputable company that takes pride in making great products for the restaurant industry. That being said, this chef coat is wrinkle resistant, durable, and breathable. I highly recommend this this jacket.

4) Chef Works Montreal Cool Vent Basic Chef Coat

If you want a chef coat that was made for keeping you cool in hot kitchens, this is the jacket for you. Chef Works designed this coat with vents across the back shoulder area. The coat is made out of a polyester and cotton blend making it very light and only weight 4.6 oz.  I find this chef coat to offer a very sleek and stylish look while also being very comfortable.

5) Black Classic Short Sleeve Chef Coat

This chef coat is perfect if you are looking to purchase your first coat, or want something basic that you can purchase multiples of at an inexpensive price.  It’s double-breasted and offers a left chest pocket for your pens and tasting spoons. It is made out of 100% polyester so if you work in an extremely hot kitchen this might not be the coat for you, but it’s great if you work in a kitchen with an open concept to your dining floor.


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