What Amount Should A Server Tip Out?

Every restaurant has different dynamics for tipping out.  Your restaurant may have bussers, designated expos, hosts and/or other employees that help out during service.  No matter if you have all of these different types of people in these positions or just a host, it is common courtesy that the server tip out to those that help.  Below are examples of people that should be considered for a tip out when you are doing your checkout at the end of your shift.

·         Host/Hostess

·         Bartenders

·         Bussers

·         Expos

·         Kitchen Staff

·         Event Coordinators

·         Other waiters and waitresses

Legally a restaurant cannot force you to tip out other employees, but you should.

TIp Out Amount

At the end of your shift you will print out your total sales.  There will be separate sales listed for food, alcohol and overall combined sales throughout the night.  When trying to decide on how much to tip out the bartender, look at your total alcohol sales.  It is generally acceptable to tip out 10% of what your alcohol sales were to your bartender.  Obviously if they went above and beyond or you had guests that requested several time consuming specialty drinks, then it would be appropriate to tip them out more money.

Tipping out the host is something that should be judged upon how many people you served throughout the night, their ability in spacing out table times and their overall helpfulness throughout your shift.  Often times host will walk by your table and will end up having to refill waters, get extra napkins or ketchup for your guests while you are with other tables.  Remember, the more appreciative you are of their help, the better they will do at seating you and screening tables. J

As far as tipping out kitchen staff, look at your food sales and give them 10% of those sales.  Again, tipping out more than 10% is always appreciated!  Often times the kitchen staff will pool all of the kitchen tips and then use them for equipment, a group night out, or split them up at the end of the month. If the restaurant is extremely busy and the kitchen staff worked like crazy think about buying them a beer after their shift to say thanks for working so hard!

You may not feel like the bussers have a difficult job, but think about it.  They are the ones that are clearly all of the dishes from your tables, refilling waters and making your job as a waitress that much easier.  They allow you to focus solely on the guests and their needs without having to worry about running dishes back and forth to the kitchen.  Tipping out the bussers can be based upon the number of guests you served and their overall help throughout your shift.

You work hard to ensure that guest’s have a great experience and in return will leave you a tip, well so do the hosts, bussers, bartenders, kitchen staff and anyone else that helps you throughout your shift!


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