Marketing Your Restaurant on Instagram

Instagram PictureWith so many different apps being available, it is hard to choose which are worthwhile.  One app that I have found to be extremely helpful in the restaurant business is Instagram.

Instagram can be a great tool for restaurateurs. Not only does it allow for customers to take pictures of their food and experiences at your restaurant, but it’s a great way for you to market your brand for free!  Most advertising and marketing campaigns cost thousands, while Instagram costs nothing.  Now, I’m not saying that you still don’t need to use other forms of advertising, but this is definitely a tool that you should be using.  You can even use Instagram on your various other social media sites through the Instagram Tab, as well as creating a link to it via your restaurant’s website.

Don’t get the wrong idea and think that you should use Instagram pictures in all of your marketing brochures, websites and various materials, but do use them to help connect and engage your customers.  As mentioned previously, there are tabs that have been created specifically for Instagram on social media sites like Facebook.  Even if customers don’t have accounts and aren’t personally following your restaurant on Instagram, they can still be a part of it and see your pictures through your Facebook page. Sandwich

A restaurant’s website is professional and informative, but often time customers don’t feel the personal connection.  Social media sites allow for organizations to create a softer more intimate experience for those that are involved. Instagram allows for you and your business to show customers a different side of the business.  Of course you should post pictures of entrees or desserts that look fantastic, but also remember to post pictures of your staff.  Now, more so than ever, people want to feel included and as if they are part of an exclusive group.  If you can show them pictures of your staff in back preparing dishes or having fun while setting up the restaurant, then they will feel like they are a part of it.  Remember to keep your restaurant’s brand, image and message in and consistent, but use Instagram as an extension to those.

Before you take any pictures, remember to always have the person’s permission.


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