How To Choose The Right Chef Coat

As a chef, you’ll spend many hours in a hot kitchen and you’ll need the proper chef uniform.  It is arguably the most important part of  your chef clothing.  You need a chef coat that is comfortable, breathable; and of course, stylish.  This article was written to help our fellow kitchen staff put together the ideal chef uniform.

Chef Coat Comfort

You will be wearing this chef coat between 8 and 12 hours per shift, so it needs to be comfortable. Chef coats come in multiple lengths, but from my experience, the best are those that are 3/4 sleeve.  A full sleeve will often times get in the way of your cooking due to the sleeves dragging.  A short sleeved coat tends to not look as professional and can expose more of your arms to hot pans.  Just like other clothing, each brand runs a little differently so try to see if you can get a sample to try-on before ordering. There are also several brands that specialize in chef coats for women.

Chef Coat Breathability

You will be working long hours in the kitchen over hot grills so you’ll need a chef coat that breathes.  Just like how they make workout clothing that is breathable, they do the same for kitchen clothing.  Chef Works makes a chef coat with vents across the shoulders and back which allows for better airflow to help keep you cooler.  You may not think that this will make that big of a difference, but after spending 8 hours behind the grill you’ll thank me!


Chef Coat Style

Even though the majority of your time will be spent in the kitchen, you still want to look and feel good.  There are many different colors available for chef coats, with white being extremely popular, but thinking twice before you purchase the white.  There will be many times when tables will ask to speak with the Chef, which will require you to go out on the floor.  If you are wearing a white chef coat it may start to look dirty early into the shift.  If you have a black chef coat, it will be harder for the these spills to show.  Depending upon the restaurant, you may even be able to wear a fun brightly colored chef coat.


personalized chef coat will show that you’re serious about becoming a chef.  Some restaurants purchase coats for their chefs with the restaurant logo and Chefs name on it.  Be sure to ask about who is responsible for washing the chef coat as many restaurants have this service available for their chefs.

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