Which Online Reservation Program Is Right For Your Restaurant?

As a restaurant owner you might be considering purchasing an online reservation program, but are feeling a bit hesitant. Hopefully this blog will help to explain a little more about the programs and how they can be very beneficial to your restaurant business. Most restaurants have some sort of POS system.  The system may consist […]

Marketing Your Restaurant on Instagram

With so many different apps being available, it is hard to choose which are worthwhile.  One app that I have found to be extremely helpful in the restaurant business is Instagram. Instagram can be a great tool for restaurateurs. Not only does it allow for customers to take pictures of their food and experiences at […]

FOH and BOH Explained

Every restaurant has a front of house (FOH) staff and a back of house (BOH) staff.  Typically the front of house is managed very differently from the back of the house. The FOH and BOH positions are as follows: FOH Host/Hostess Server (waiter and waitress) Bartender BOH Head Chef Sous Chef Line Cook Dishwasher Occasionally a […]