Top 5 Black Waitress Pants

Most restaurants will provide you with a uniform.  That uniform typically consists of a top and an apron; the rest is up to you to supply.  Most of the time this means that you will need to find a pair of black waitress pants. A task that may seem simple at first, but somehow turns into a daunting 3 hours at your local mall only to find a mediocre ill-fitting pair of pants. Well, stay positive because after reading this you will be prepared to find the quality black waitress pants you’re looking for.

1. Lee Natural Fit Pull-On

Not only are they comfortable, but affordable too!  The bootcut is great because it allows you to wear them with a variety of different styles of waitress shoes.   These pants also aren’t a super low-rise so you won’t have to worry when bending over to pick up someone’s dirty napkin.  If you work in a restaurant that allows you to wear a more casual type of pant, you will want these!  They are extremely comfortable, just make sure that you don’t try them as they are 67% cotton.

2. 2Luv Sleek and Trendy

The fit of these pants is a bit looser which can come in handy when maneuvering between tables.  The blend of these black pants is 78%Polyester polyester which means that they will not breathe as much as others so please take that into consideration.  A feature that you may not deem important right away is extra wide belt-loop waistband.  It might seem like something that is standard on all pants, but after spending hours searching for black pants, you’ll find that not all have this. You will appreciate having the belt loops when you are constantly adjusting and pulling up your pants from your apron weighing them down.

3. UA Perfect Pant

Your first thought when looking for black waitress pants probably wasn’t Under Armour, but I can tell you that if you are fortunate enough to be able to wear a more athletic style of pant—this is the pair you want.  These pants are amazingly comfortable, must be why they are named the Perfect Pant!

What makes these a great black pant for waitressing is that they are breathable, lightweight and dry extremely fast.  Like many others, these pants are available in different lengths.  The only downfall is that they don’t have pockets, but as long as you have your waitress apron on you won’t even notice!

UA waitress perfect pants

Under Armour Perfect Pant $45.99


4. Dickies Slim Fit Twill Pant

These pants were made for those that work in the restaurant industry.  Not only do these pants come in a variety of inseams, but they come in different colors too!  These made my list of top 5 black waitress pants because they are comfortable, breathable and affordable.

There is nothing worse than spending anywhere from $40 to $100 on a pair of pants for work only to have them unravel after 3 washes.  Dickies is known for making pants that last.  In addition to being made of cotton and having a slim fit, these pants offer the bonus of having pockets, which I personally really like.

dickies black waitress pants

Dickies Slim Fit Twill Pant $25


5. G2 Chic Solid Millennium

If you are looking for a classic black pant that looks great and is affordable, look no further.  These pants are extremely versatile.  I have worked at several different styles of restaurants and have found that these black pants seem to match a variety of uniform tops.  I also like that they are lightweight and sit comfortably just below the waist. The best feature is that they have a belt-loop, which you will greatly appreciate!



As you will find, not all black waitress pants are created equal.  My advice is this: If you find a pair of comfortable and affordable black waitress pants, buy more than one pair.

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