Top 5 Chef Coats

After reading “How To Choose The Right Chef Coat” you’ll realize that there are several different aspects to consider when purchasing a chef coat.  I know that it can be extremely overwhelming, so I’ve compiled a list of my recommendations of the best chef coats below. 1) White Swan Five Star Chef Apparel Unisex Executive Chef Coat This […]

How To Choose The Right Chef Coat

As a chef, you’ll spend many hours in a hot kitchen and you’ll need the proper chef uniform.  It is arguably the most important part of  your chef clothing.  You need a chef coat that is comfortable, breathable; and of course, stylish.  This article was written to help our fellow kitchen staff put together the ideal chef uniform. Chef […]

Top 5 Black Waitress Pants

Most restaurants will provide you with a uniform.  That uniform typically consists of a top and an apron; the rest is up to you to supply.  Most of the time this means that you will need to find a pair of black waitress pants. A task that may seem simple at first, but somehow turns into […]

How To Serve Coffee

You take your time and always try to serve wine properly, but what about other beverages? Below you will find step-by-step instructions on how to properly serve coffee, tea and espresso.   Step By Step Coffee Service   Make sure coffee is fresh. Brewed within the last 30 minutes. Fill coffee cup with hot in […]

Which Online Reservation Program Is Right For Your Restaurant?

As a restaurant owner you might be considering purchasing an online reservation program, but are feeling a bit hesitant. Hopefully this blog will help to explain a little more about the programs and how they can be very beneficial to your restaurant business. Most restaurants have some sort of POS system.  The system may consist […]

Marketing Your Restaurant on Instagram

With so many different apps being available, it is hard to choose which are worthwhile.  One app that I have found to be extremely helpful in the restaurant business is Instagram. Instagram can be a great tool for restaurateurs. Not only does it allow for customers to take pictures of their food and experiences at […]

What Amount Should A Server Tip Out?

Every restaurant has different dynamics for tipping out.  Your restaurant may have bussers, designated expos, hosts and/or other employees that help out during service.  No matter if you have all of these different types of people in these positions or just a host, it is common courtesy that the server tip out to those that […]

Restaurant Server Tips on Etiquette

Much has been written about how to be a professional server and better serve the needs of your guests.  But how does that professionalism translate into the part of your job that the customers rarely get to see?  The part of a waiter or waitresses job that requires them to work and interact with all […]

4 Ways To Increase Your Tips as a Server

In the food service industry your income is largely based on getting more tips.  Creating a memorable dining experience with guests will not only increase your tips for one ticket, but may also bring them back as a returning guest.  Creating a return guest will not only increase your tips but also help your restaurant […]

FOH and BOH Explained

Every restaurant has a front of house (FOH) staff and a back of house (BOH) staff.  Typically the front of house is managed very differently from the back of the house. The FOH and BOH positions are as follows: FOH Host/Hostess Server (waiter and waitress) Bartender BOH Head Chef Sous Chef Line Cook Dishwasher Occasionally a […]